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Video Recording with Loom and Vmaker

One of the most valuable tools to keep online communications more human is video. The ability to quickly record a video, rather than type an email, allows me to share what I’m doing on screen in a visual way, making it easier to explain things and also lets me appear on camera to make the message personal.

In this episode, ‘ll share two tools that allow you to do just that quickly and easily – Loom and VMaker.

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Show Notes – Tools; Video Recording with Loom and Vmaker

Both Loom and Vmaker are apps that allow you to record videos of your screen and your web camera, or a combination of both. Recordings are saved to their cloud storage and are available to share directly via the link, embed on a website, share directly to Youtube or social media sites, or download to use elsewhere.

Communication with video carries much more impact, that’s why we like tools that allow easy and quick recording of videos without fuss or setting up complex software.

Both these tools come as a desktop app for Mac and Windows, as a Chrome extension, and mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing us to record videos anywhere we have our mobile phone with us.


  • Loom has taken the world by storm by gaining more than 7 million users worldwide. From marketers to developers everyone has realized the power of creating screen recording videos for daily communication. Loom has also positioned itself well in the market. The product is easy to use, the pricing is to the point, and the website looks very welcoming.
  • Loom offers a free plan for quick video messages, allowing up to 25 videos of maximum 5 minutes per video. For more advanced recording including custom branding, transcription and closed captions as well as engagement insights, on their business plan, the price is $8 per month, per user.


  • Vmaker is a free screen recording tool that allows you to record screen and video for unlimited duration, even in their free plan.
  • It also allows you to add expiry dates to the videos that you create, so they are deleted after the time you specify.
  • Vmaker allows you to block notifications while you record – a really useful feature as you don’t want a facebook message ping to be recorded on your video!
  • Vmaker offers a free plan with unlimited recording time as well as viewer insights. Their paid plans are $7 per month for individuals and $10 per month for teams and offer video recording quality up to 4k resolution, custom branding, an advanced editing suite, advanced frames and filters, screen annotation, and custom backgrounds.
  • In our experience Vmaker offers a better value for money experience. It has the right set of features, and their free plan is probably the best in the market. The Starter and the Teams plans, have advanced features which make for production of higher quality videos easily and quickly.

Those are our featured tools for today – two apps to record quick videos of your screen and camera. Try both free versions and see which you like best and let me know! There are many others available too, you might like to check out Soapbox and Vidyard as well. Pick the one you like best and then start using video for your communications!

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Thank you for coming on this journey of Marketing Transformation with me. Let’s make marketing human again.

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