Transformational Marketing Blueprint – Trust – E032

Transformational Marketing Blueprint - Trust

We reached the point where our dream customer has purchased something from us. What’s next?

The Transformational Marketing Blueprint is a 12 step framework for your marketing, that acts as a guide through the entire marketing journey focused on your dream customers. The Blueprint is organised as a circular framework, since no marketing journey is linear, and is in 3 phases – the Know-Like-Trust phases. Each phase is colour coded for easy visual recognition and is made up of 4 steps.

In this episode, we’ll cover the TRUST phase, closing the circle of our marketing journey. The four steps of this phase are:

  1. How we deliver an exceptional experience
  2. How we deliver more value
  3. How we orchestrate and stimulate referrals
  4. Mastery – celebrate and repeat

Listen to the podcast to learn more. 

Listen to the Podcast

The Journey from Customer to Raving Fan. How we keep our customers loyal, is purely down to how we look after them. @TalesofMarketing #TalesofMarketingTransformation Click To Tweet

Show Notes – Transformational Marketing Blueprint – Trust

1. How we deliver an exceptional experience

  • Reinforce and congratulate customer on the decision to invest in themselves
  • Outstanding onboarding
    • Immediate access, ease of access, multiple access options
    • Clear next steps
  • Accountability
    • Focus on the transformation (not the product or service) – enable them to achieve their goal, their desired after-state
    • No one gets left behind
  • Outstanding customer service
    • Training on how to be our customer, how to use our product or service
    • Support and access
  • Customer Experience Management
    • Have a working system
    • Ongoing communication – no news is also news!
  • Access to
    • Us | Community | Other resources

2. How we deliver more value

  • Identify opportunities to partner – long term value
  • Exceptional value – always keep giving them attention
  • Keep nurturing the relationship
  • Focus on the transformation – achieving their goals, their desired after state
  • Be obsessively committed to their success
  • Seek their feedback Improve existing products and services
  • Uncover additional needs
  • Engagement
  • Additional products and services first look, first opportunity
  • Nurturing existing, current customers vs attracting new customers Existing customers FIRST and BEST
  • Customer retention focus
  • The Journey from Customer to Raving Fan. How we keep our customers loyal, is purely down to how we look after them.

3. How we orchestrate more referrals

  • GIVE referrals
  • Have a referral mindset and system
  • Ask for referrals and reviews and testimonials
  • Partnering opportunities Networks
  • Affiliates
  • Joint Ventures
  • Marketing Alliances
  • Networking – provide introductions

4. Celebrate and repeat

  • Celebrations
    • Reward, surprise and delight customers
    • Be remarkable
  • Operations and Scale
    • Systems and processes – document, refine, improve
    • Focus on efficiency and effectiveness – innovation and CANI (Continuous and Never-ending Improvement) mindset
    • Automation opportunities for efficiency
    • Profitability
    • Measure and report
  • Keep it personal
    • Keeping marketing human – systems and processes free time to spend on the relationships
  • The focus now
    • What’s my Queen Bee Role? (Clockwork: Mike Michalowicz)
  • Growing my team – filling specific roles

At this point, The Marketing Journey continues at another level. Always deliver exceptional value and keep the relationship vibrant and alive.

That covers our entire Transformational Marketing Journey – the 12 step marketing framework which we use in our business and with our clients.

Book Recommendation

My personal book recommendation for this episode is Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz.

In this book, Mike describes how to build a business that runs like clockwork while you reclaim your freedom and stop grinding in your business. He talks about the business owner shifting their mindset from a “Doer” to a “Designer”.

Mike introduces the concept of the Queen Bee Role – in a beehive, the Queen Bee lays the eggs that grow the colony. All the other bees protect the Queen Bee. Protecting the Queen Bee is the primary thing that determines the growth and health of the colony. That’s every bee’s role in the colony. Every business has a primary goal that with determine how it will grow. Every task we do must serve the Queen Bee Role (a role not a person). By focusing on serving and protecting the QBR, our business will grow rapidly, be more profitable, and scale.

Clockwork also deals with building systems in our business, empowering employees, what to measure and how to run a stress test (hint, go on a long vacation away from your business to see what happens). Get “Clockwork” from your favourite bookstore.

My mission is to do Good Marketing, to make marketing Human, to make marketing a FORCE for GOOD – characterized by service, empathy, transparency and to make a meaningful difference to the people we care about AND to their customers too

Thank you for coming on this journey of Marketing Transformation with me. Let’s make marketing human again.

Keeping marketing human. Systems and processes free time to spend on the relationships. @TalesofMarketing #TalesofMarketingTransformation Click To Tweet

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