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Transformational Marketing Blueprint - Know

You’ve probably heard that we work with people that we know, like, and trust. How do we build relationships along that journey?

Our Transformational Marketing Blueprint is a framework for that journey. Over the next 3 marketing episodes, I’ll walk you through an overview of that blueprint.

The Transformational Marketing Blueprint is a 12 step framework for your marketing, that acts as a guide through the entire marketing journey focused on your dream customers. The Blueprint is organised as a circular framework, since no marketing journey is linear, and is in 3 phases – the Know-Like-Trust phases. Each phase is colour coded for easy visual recognition and is made up of 4 steps.

In this episode, we’ll cover the Know phase, the start of a new marketing journey. The four steps of this phase are:

  1. My Lighthouse (it’s a metaphor)
  2. My Target Market and Dream Customer
  3. Their Problem or Need and Transformation
  4. My Message to My Target Market

Listen to the podcast to learn more. 

Listen to the Podcast

The Lighthouse is the foundation of our brand and the stance we take in this world. It represents our business and requires 4 levels to be operational – our WHO WHY, WHAT, AND HOW. @TalesofMarketing #TalesofMarketingTransformation Click To Tweet

Show Notes – Transformational Marketing Blueprint – Know

My Lighthouse

This is a self-awareness exercise where clarity and congruency are born. This is the foundation of our brand and the stance we take in this world. My Lighthouse is a metaphor – Lighthouses don’t react to their environment – they proactively continue to shine their light with the same intensity and the same direction that they always do, so that their customers can always find their way.

Our lighthouse represents our business – it requires 4 levels to be operational. These are its essential foundations.

For our business to work, our lighthouse must have all 4 levels:

  • Level One – WHO
    • Is all about self-awareness, own our story. Each of us is unique with a very different combination of skills, life experiences, roles, personalities.
  • Level Two – WHY
    • Why we do what we do
  • Level Three – WHAT
    • What we do – expressed as succinctly as we can – in 10 words or less
  • Level Four – HOW
    • How we do what we do, how we deliver our what

With total clarity on the 4 levels of our lighthouse, we can have congruence in every single message that we send out.

My Target Market and Dream Client

Getting really clear about our target market will change everything.

  • We begin by clearly defining our niche – WHO do we serve – where do we get personal fulfillment, where do we add value and where are we profitable?
  • Build a deep understanding of our dream customer. Develop a customer profile – this is more than just a conventional “avatar”!
    • What do they want? What do they need? What are their fears? Their frustrations? What do they struggle with?
    • What are their characteristics and behaviours? Who influences them?
    • What do they believe? What are their values?
    • What do they want? What do they want to BE? What gets in the way?
  • Develop an Empathy Map – great tool to build this deep understanding
  • How will I help them achieve their goal, whether they become a paying client or not? Even if they don’t buy, I want them to be advocates that will promote my brand / business.

Their Problem or Need

  • Develop a deep understanding of the target market’s real problem and need
  • Define our customer’s BEFORE and AFTER
    • what do they have before and after?
    • how do they feel before and after?
    • what is their status before and after?
  • What are the objections the customer will have to reach the AFTER state?
  • How does our product / service meet the needs and remove the problem?
    • What methods do we use to take our customers from their before state to their after state?
    • What change will it bring about? The Transformation
  • Where is our ideal client at now and what’s their next step?
    • What is the next step in their journey and how will I guide them?

My Message to My Target Market

Be clear about the Transformation – the promise we are making.

Now that we’ve defined our lighthouse and ideal client, there’s a simple structure we can follow to build our message.

  1. The Message Formula
    • Say something about the before state (or we can start with the after state)
    • Say something about the after state (or the before state)
    • Share the method that helps bridge the gap between the before state and the after state
    • A call to action – what is our ask of the customer?
  2. EVERY message must give our ideal client an opportunity to learn more, opt-in, or take the next step of their journey.

Deliver exceptional value first, then offer them an opportunity to engage with us.

That covers Phase 1 of our Transformational Marketing Journey – the KNOW phase. Knowing ourselves, our target market and dream client, knowing their problem and our message that presents all that information in a congruent and clear manner.

Book Recommendation

The 1-Page Marketing Plan was the inspiration for the Transformational Marketing Blueprint. The book provides a framework for your marketing strategy and maps out how to get, keep, and realize value from customers.

“Remember, no one knows how good your products or services are until after the sale. Before they buy, they only know how good your marketing is. Put simply the best marketer wins every time. If you’re serious about business success then now’s the time to take decisive action. It’s time to decide to become a great marketer and transform yourself from a business owner to a marketer who owns a business.”

Alan Dib, The 1-Page Marketing Plan

My mission is to do Good Marketing, to make marketing Human, to make marketing a FORCE for GOOD – characterized by service, empathy, transparency and to make a meaningful difference to the people we care about AND to their customers too

Thank you for coming on this journey of Marketing Transformation with me. Let’s make marketing human again.

Be clear about the Transformation – the promise you are making. Deliver exceptional value first, then offer them an opportunity to engage with us. @TalesofMarketing #TalesofMarketingTransformation Click To Tweet

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