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Tools for Reading, Remembering, and Learning

Are you an avid reader and learner like me?

In this episode, we’ll feature some tools for reading, remembering, and learning that you are going to love!

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Show Notes – Tools for Reading, Remembering, and Learning


  • Scribd is a a subscription-based digital library platform that offers members access to millions of audiobooks, ebooks, magazines and sheet music. Their monthly subscription fee allows for unlimited listening or reading on any device they choose–it’s basically Audible meets Kindle Unlimited but cheaper!
  • Scribd launched in 2007 with the goal of providing people worldwide easy accessibility to books at an affordable price point. With 80 million members around the world there are endless options as far as what you can read or listen to next. Their library is quite extensive – I rarely have to look elsewhere for a book I want to read.
  • One thing that makes Scribd really stand out from competitors is the fact that any member can actually upload their own short stories and books to the platform for others to read.
  • Scribd is only 8.99 USD per month, 13.99 AUD and you can try it for free for 30 days.
  • You can try Scribd free for 30 days or sign up using my affiliate link for a 2-month free trial.


  • We don’t remember things by just reading them once. Readwise fixes this with a scientific process that strengthens memory for important information, lets you review the highlights daily and recalls your best points over time.
  • The way it works is that you highlight sections of books, articles, blog posts and other online content with the Readwise app and those highlights are then presented back to you regularly for review. That way, you can recall important information, remember what you’ve read, and grow your knowledge over time.
  • Highlights can be applied to digital content and to physical books via photos from the app. These are converted to text as well. You can tag, note, search and organize your highlights all in one place.
  • The full version of Readwise is 8 USD per month. You can try it for free for a month from their website or use my affiliate link to receive an extra second month for free.


  • Hypothesis is an extension in your browser enabling you to highlight things as you go, by simply selecting the text to highlight.
  • It integrates directly with Readwise and syncs highlights with no effort at all.
  • Hypothesis is a non-profit organisation and there is no charge for their app, although I do encourage donating if you find this valuable.

Scribd, Readwise and Hypothesis are wonderful tools to read content online, read eBooks, listen to audio books, and then have highlights of those books sent back to you as reminders to reinforce your learning and remembering key points from those books. Check out these tools and sign up for the bonus trial periods. Stay awesome and never stop learning!

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