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Tools - Screen Capture, Image Viewer, Clipboard

Thank you for joining me on the quest to make marketing human again. 

I’m very excited because from here on, we’re going to do something different for the Tales of Marketing Transformation. Aside from the video, we’ll talk about three different segments: 

  1. Tools – where I’ll be sharing some of the tools we use to run our business and what we like about them, 
  2. Podcasting – where we’ll talk a lot about the mindset and soft skills of podcasting, and 
  3. Marketing – after all, this is Tales of Marketing Transformation. 

Are you ready? 

In this episode, I’ll be sharing three tools that we use: ShareX, FastStone Image Viewer, and Clipboard History Pro.

Listen to the podcast to learn more.

Listen to the Podcast

Show Notes – Tools – Screen Capture, Image Viewer, Clipboard


  • ShareX is a free and open-source tool that lets you record or capture any area of your screen and share it with your team. 
  • ShareX has a good Radeon control function. Just drag and click the area that you want to copy, and it puts the image up on your screen with a link that you then can share with your team. 
  • You can edit the image in ShareX too as well as annotate it. You can also record video.
  • ShareX is free but I encourage you to donate to help the people developing and maintaining this awesome software.


  • FastStone is a free image viewer and organizer for Microsoft Windows. FastStone saves your captured images into a shared folder on your local hard drive, and organises them by year, month, or day, which is very convenient.
  • FastStone also allows you to send images to Photoshop and other photo editing applications. 
  • You can do simple edits like rotation, flipping, and resizing, as well as convert images between different formats. The best thing is that you can do this in batches too by going to Tools > Batch Convert.

Clipboard History Pro

  • Clipboard History Pro is a Google Chrome plugin that saves and helps you manage your clipboard history. It’s very useful especially when you copy and paste a lot.
  • Clipboard History Pro organizes your clipboard into timelines which makes it easier to look for something and copy it again. You can also create a folder for your Favourites, which makes it easier to paste frequently used texts or images.
  • Clipboard History Pro works in Microsoft Edge, Brave or any Chrome-based browser.

My mission is to do Good Marketing, to make marketing Human, to make marketing a FORCE for GOOD – characterized by service, empathy, transparency and to make a meaningful difference to the people we care about AND to their customers too

Thank you for coming on this journey of Marketing Transformation with me. Let’s make marketing human again.

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