Broken Customer Journeys (The Pothole Oracle) – E010

Broken Customer Journeys

Have you tested your OWN customer journeys? Yes, all of them.  You see, until you experience what your customers experience, all the understanding you’ve developed with your Empathy Mapping work from the last episode will not bear fruit. In this episode, I want to talk about your customer journeys – what, I hear you asking,…

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Connecting with Your Ideal Client – E009

Connecting with Your Ideal Client

Are you really clear on who your ideal client is? To build professional credibility, engage your target audience and connect with your ideal clients requires absolute clarity about who your ideal clients are and how you help them.  In this episode I’ll share with you our process and a really neat tool to allow you…

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The Lighthouse – E008

The Lighthouse

It’s been a while since the last episode and a lot has changed since then, many things that we couldn’t have imagined, such as everyone around the world in various forms of “stay at home” situations due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.  All our lives have been impacted and in the online world, some have…

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An Eagle Like Focus on Your Ideal Client – E007

Focus on Your Ideal Client

A Laser sharp focus on your Ideal Client is a fundamental pillar of human centered marketing. How can you make your marketing stand out from the noise? In the last episode, I spoke about the Five Success Principles of Human Marketing. These Five Success Principles can be applied to anything; in business, and in particular,…

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Marketing Funnels – A Precious Gift – E005

Marketing Funnels - A Precious Gift

Are you confused by the complex nature of marketing funnels? You’ve probably heard of them and read a lot of information describing details of the steps of a marketing funnel and all the nuts and bolts of setting them up within automated systems. At a structural level, a marketing funnel is a way of breaking…

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