Rolling in Rhino Poo or Standing Out with Marketing – E003

Standing Out with Marketing

Are you rolling in Rhino Dung or Standing Out with Marketing ?

Imagine, if you stood out like a beacon, like a lighthouse with it’s guiding light – specifically to those people who really need your help and whose lives you can change. Would that get a great relationship started?

Contrast that with being invisible to those same people – that would be a barrier, would it not?

On today’s episode, I’m going to explore the idea of standing out with marketing, with GOOD marketing.

Just like the giraffe, we have inherited behaviours from past generations, that served a purpose for those generations – often those behaviours ensured the survival of our species. The problem comes when we hang on to those behaviours in a time when they are no longer needed, indeed, no longer serve us and in fact, are a barrier to our progress. The reluctance to stand out, is one such behaviour.

Let’s explore this idea and in fact see how we can stand out with good marketing.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Listen to the Podcast

As humans, we too tend to hang on to behaviours we've inherited, but are no longer serving us. Where are you not standing out for fear of being eaten? @TalesMarketing #TalesofMarketingTransformation Click To Tweet

Show Notes

  • Giraffes roll around in rhino poo to hide – mask their scent from predators like lions and hyenas. Interestingly, the continue this behaviour even when they are in an environment where, for generations, their have been no predators. So there really is no reason to continue this strange behaviour, that may not be serving them any more (who wants to spend life smelling like rhino poo when your survival does not depend on it!). They’ve adopted a behaviour of not standing out for fear of being eaten.
  • As humans, we too tend to hang on to behaviours we’ve inherited, but are no longer serving us. Where are you not standing out for fear of being eaten?
  • Standing out through outstanding customer service – The story of Joshie the Giraffe, accidentally left behind after a family holiday in a hotel resort, and returned in a remarkable manner. It’s a great example of standing out through exceptional customer service, that displays these hallmarks:
    • Has a WOW factor
    • Is unexpected
    • Shows a personal, human touch
    • The customer feels valued and special
    • Is authentic
    • Is a “Talk Trigger” (as per the book by Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin)
  • Making marketing human and standing out with good marketing, takes into account the Six Core Human Needs – get a checklist of these with some ideas how to apply them in your marketing below.
Giraffes roll around in rhino poo to hide. Where are you not standing out for fear of being eaten? @TalesMarketing #TalesofMarketingTransformation Click To Tweet

Another Photo I like (just to break up the text!)

Standing Out with Marketing

See what the camel thought of a giraffe rolling around in rhino poo

My mission is to do Good Marketing, to make marketing Human, to make marketing a FORCE for GOOD – characterized by service, empathy, transparency and to make a meaningful difference to the people we care about AND to their customers too

Thank you for coming on this journey of Marketing Transformation with me. Let’s make marketing human again.


Listen to the Podcast

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