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Remarkable Experiences and Relationships

This episode is a Marketing episode, where we’ll explore the topic of making marketing human again.

Marketing is the Art and Science of creating and sustaining memorable, remarkable experiences and relationships. In this episode, we’ll explore a little of what’s behind that statement.

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Marketing is the Art and Science of creating and sustaining memorable, remarkable experiences and relationships. @TalesofMarketing #TalesofMarketingTransformation Click To Tweet

Show Notes – Podcasting – Remarkable Experiences and Relationships

As Human marketers we are customer-centric thinkers who understand that each customer has both needs and wants. It’s not enough to simply provide what they want. We want to create an experience worth remembering so they’ll come back again and share their experiences with others! They become raving fans!

Here are 3 ways we can do that:

  1. Provide customers with a VIP experience, make them feel special.
  • Delight your customers with your product or service so much that they become raving fans.
  • Understand their needs as well as what they may want in order to build long-term relationships with each one.
  • If we can create an exceptional and memorable experience, they will talk about it with others and probably recommend our business to their friends and colleagues.
  1. Successful marketing is value-based, long-term, two-way relationships.
  • Successful marketing is not flashy or complicated, nor does it need to be expensive. It is all about understanding and meeting customers’ needs in a way that is genuine, and genuinely memorable.
  • Such a relationship goes beyond the business providing a high-quality product or service and great customer service: It’s about creating an experience that will make them want to do business with you again.
  • Keywords here are value – always provide value in some way; long-term (not a once off transaction); and two-way – engage in dialogue and listen to our customers.
  1. How we keep our customers loyal is purely down to how we look after them.
  • Our customers are prospects for other businesses; how loyal they stay depends solely on how well we look after them.
  • Loyalty starts at the very first touchpoint – when they first discovered us. Then, at every touchpoint of their customer journey, we aim to make them feel special, like VIPs.
  • It’s not over when our customers have bought from us. There is value in getting new people in the door, but you have to take care of the people already in your house first, before you start welcoming strangers at the door!
  • The way we treat them and show that they’re appreciated, respected, valued – before, during and after a purchase – determines whether they’ll make another purchase with us. Our aim is to show our customers we care about them, about their success, about their overall well being. And we care more than our competition cares.
  • Human marketing is based on making connections with people; building relationships around mutual respect for one another and creating remarkable experiences together! This starts by understanding their needs. It includes creating highly customized messages which are relevant to each customer: this means knowing what kind of “experiences” work best for different people in order to tailor the experiences to their needs.
  • The key words here are relationship-building and remarkable experiences created through personalized messaging designed to meet everyone’s individual need or situation. Basically, it’s about making marketing Human again!

The goal of marketing is to create and sustain memorable, remarkable experiences that will build two-way relationships with customers for the long term – not just when they are actively engaged in a transaction or making an investment.

Marketing must also be value-based. It’s about creating something of enduring worth on which we can stake our company’s reputation over time by recognizing what our customer want most from us: A sense that we get them that we understand their needs better than anyone else does because ours mirror theirs! To make this happen requires authenticity, sincerity, and consistency across all channels as well as throughout every touchpoint along the way.

My mission is to do Good Marketing, to make marketing Human, to make marketing a FORCE for GOOD – characterized by service, empathy, transparency and to make a meaningful difference to the people we care about AND to their customers too

Thank you for coming on this journey of Marketing Transformation with me. Let’s make marketing human again.

It's not enough to simply provide customers what they want. We want to create an experience worth remembering so they'll come back again and share their experiences with others! @TalesofMarketing #TalesofMarketingTransformation Click To Tweet

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