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Making Podcasting Human – E028

Recently I had the privilege of being a guest on Miha Matlievki's LinkedIn Live show - Coffee Conversations with Miha, to talk about making podcasting human again.  I thought that was such a valuable conversation that I'd take some tidbits...
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Tools for Audio Learning and Book Summaries- E027

In our last Tools episode number 24, I introduced Scribd, the digital library platform. In this episode, we feature some more tools to add to your reading and also learn by listening - Summize It, Blinkist, and Listenable. Listen to...
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Transformational Marketing Blueprint – Know – E026

You've probably heard that we work with people that we know, like, and trust. How do we build relationships along that journey? Our Transformational Marketing Blueprint is a framework for that journey. Over the next 3 marketing episodes, I'll walk...
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