Tools for Audio Learning and Book Summaries- E027

Tools for Audio Learning and Book Summaries

In our last Tools episode number 24, I introduced Scribd, the digital library platform.

In this episode, we feature some more tools to add to your reading and also learn by listening – Summize It, Blinkist, and Listenable.

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Show Notes – Tools for Audio Learning and Book Summaries

Summize It

  • Summize It is a subscription service to Satisfy Your Curiosity & Expand Your Knowledge with Easy-to-Digest, Non-Fiction Book Summaries as well as training courses.
  • Most book summaries can be read or listened to in less than 10 minutes. It’s a great way to see if the full book might be worth purchasing and also a valuable review source after having read the full book.
  • Summize It works on iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, internet browsers, and more, so you can find time to read and listen practically anywhere you go.
  • Summize It’s audio and video courses are curated for quality and feature top experts in their field.
  • Summize It costs only $3.75 per month, and you can try it with 3 free summaries to see if it’s for you. If you do like it, they offer a lifetime deal for $70.


  • Blinkist is another subscription service offering summaries of nonfiction bestselling books and also key insights from podcasts.
  • Blinkist has been around for longer than Sumizeit and has a greater number of book summaries, but I expect that to change as Sumizeit grows.
  • Blinkist also works on iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, and internet browsers. They offer a 7-day unlimited access free trial, and pricing is $8.99 per month.


  • Listenable is an audio learning platform, containing powerful, bite-sized audio courses authored by well‑loved experts.
  • It is an easy to use app that provides great content for self development. The audio format of the courses makes the content easy to consume, and there are many topics including meditation, sleep, negotiation, personal finance, etc. – even one on Being a Podcast Rockstar, produced by us at Innovabiz.
  • If you like podcasts or audiobooks, Listenable is a great way to take courses. Each course is five to fifteen lessons long, with each lesson being five to ten minutes. New courses are being added at a really fast pace.
  • Listenable offers a 7-day free trial, after that it’s just $5 per month.

Those are our featured tools for today – three apps to read and listen to book summaries and short training courses.

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