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Tales of Marketing Transformation

Tales of Marketing Transformation – the podcast – it’s coming to a device near you in early 2018…..

So what’s it about? It’s about Marketing, no surprises there!

It’s not me pretending to be a Marketing Guru and giving you sage advice.

I’ll let you in on a little secret……
Shhh, don’t tell anyone!
To be honest, I don’t really know what I’m doing in Marketing!

But I have been in marketing roles for over 20 years, the past 12 in my own company Innovabiz. I’ve gotten some good results, and so have my clients.

I’ve also made many mistakes, and, because I learn slowly, I’ve made some mistakes many times over, just to check if they were indeed mistakes.

Here’s the thing about mistakes and failure – it’s all feedback: success is about learning and we only learn when we “fail”.

So my objective with Tales of Marketing Transformation, is to help you learn from my mistakes and what I’ve learnt and continue to learn.

To share what works and what didn’t. To give you a safe place to share your mistakes, so others can learn and a safe place to ask questions.

To share our marketing journey together.

Visit https://innovabiz.co/tma to join our community and participate the conversation.

Remember: Failure is just Feeback!

Be Awesome and Keep Innovating!

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Jürgen is a transformational marketing strategist, podcaster, speaker, the chief innovator and founder of Innovabiz who partner with innovative, exceptional business coaches to enable you to acquire more leads and more business by reaching your ideal target prospects with your message, so that you will achieve growth and be able to make a difference to more ideal clients. You can find Jürgen on LinkedIn, as well as on Innovabiz' Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Pages.

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